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Qwizcards wizard

Interactive quiz- and flashcard deck-maker

The “Qwizcards wizard” let’s you create a quiz or flashcard deck using a “wysiwyg” (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) editor.

You pick what kind of questions (multiple choice, free-form entry, hangman, etc.) you want in your quiz or flashcard deck.  You see just how your quiz or deck will appear as you create it.

You can save your quiz or deck and share its URL with students, or get an "embed code" that will show your quiz or flaschard deck on your own page – Facebook, Google Sites, and more!

You can come back later and edit or add to your quiz or deck.

Try it!  We’re ready when you are!


Note: the “Qwizcards wizard” is also available within the WordPress editor when you install the WordPress Qwizcards plugin.