What’s new

Summaries/highlights of new releases of the Qwizcards plugin.

Labeled-diagram shortcodes

How to create labeled diagrams “manually.”

Free-form word-match terms

How to customize the “suggestions” provided for free-form input.


Qwizcards’s shortcodes and options.

Settings / options

The Qwiz Settings page lets you control the display of the Qwiz icon/link, lets you set your own labels for buttons and other text, and more.


Instructions and link to the WordPress plugin page for Qwiz, or download a standalone (non-WordPress) version of Qwiz.

Admin toolbar Qwizcards menu

The WordPress administrative toolbar includes a “Qwizcards” menu item, “Keep ‘next’ button active”.  This allows you to skip quiz questions or labeled diagrams or flashcards to more quickly check any edits you have made.


6 thoughts on “More

    1. Dan Kirshner

      No, not currently; it would take a little doing to figure out how to read the anki “.apkg” format.

      Update 10/3/2021: I’ve looked at it further — and the answer is still basically “no.” You can ask anki to export “fields,” and for text this is fine (it provides one line per flashcard, and separates card front from card back with a tab character, so translating to Qwizcards format is simple: put a [q] at the beginning of each line, and replace the tab with [a].

      But with images or audio/video, anki doesn’t tell you much of anything about where the files came from. I’ve managed to look inside the .apkg files that anki creates (zipped SQLite), and they are no help: the image/audio/video sources are NOT included.


  1. Ben

    Hi Dan, I’m just getting started with the plugin – is there a way to change the colour of individual flashcards (front at least, front and back if possible)?


  2. Sam Wickins

    Hi Dan,
    Love the plugin. Have used it for a while on my revision website which serves schools. I have just launched a new version of my site which is based on learndash. My problem is that when a class try to login at the same time, only a few log in and then the site becomes unresponsive. After several hours of investigation the technicians have come back with the following:


    I have investigated the case and I found the source of the issue. The problem is related to the plugin qwiz-online-quizzes-and-flashcards which generates a query with large size of the data. Therefore the following error is recorded in the ~/public_html/wp-admin/php_errorlog file:

    [10-Jun-2019 05:29:23 UTC] PHP Warning: Error while sending QUERY packet. PID=16740 in /home/sam******((/public_html/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 2007
    [10-Jun-2019 05:29:28 UTC] PHP Warning: Error while sending QUERY packet. PID=16743 in /home/sam*******/public_html/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 2007

    The whole query is also recorded in the aforementioned file. The plugin tries to import the entries from the ./wp-content/plugins/qwiz-online-quizzes-and-flashcards/textentry_suggestions.txt text file. The file contains 55631 rows:

    samw******@***** [~/public_html]# wc -l ./wp-content/plugins/qwiz-online-quizzes-and-flashcards/textentry_suggestions.txt
    55631 ./wp-content/plugins/qwiz-online-quizzes-and-flashcards/textentry_suggestions.txt

    In order to address the issue, I increased the MySQL max_allowed_packet and the wait_timeout values. Please check the results and let us know if you need further assistance.


    My question is, do you agree that this could cause timeout issues when multiple users log in simultaneously? Is this query required and if so when is it executed (just login or throughout session)? and can it be removed if I’m only using the flashcards feature?

    Please remove post if you like. Just couldn’t find a way to contact you directly.



    1. Dan Kirshner

      That query should be executed very infrequently — when the Qwizcards plugin is installed and when those entries are updated (which isn’t often).

      Yes, if the query is executed often (for example, every time a page with a quiz is opened), then things will be unacceptably slow. But I’m not sure if that’s what’s going on, and if so, why.

      Was this a problem before “learndash”? Also, could you give me your URL — I might be able to get some idea what’s going on.

      You can contact me at



      Update, June 15: For anyone else viewing this thread, the problem was found to be corruption of the Qwizcards plugin script, which, by some unfortunate miracle, functioned (incorrectly!) without obvious error. A re-install of the plugin fixed things.


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