Qwizcards lets you easily create online quizzes and flashcard decks, either as a WordPress plugin, or using the online wizard.  Try these examples to see what you can do!

[qwiz style=”width: 450px;”][h] Sample: Biology quiz

[q] Mitosis

[l] Centrosome

[fx] No. The centrosome is the “microtubule organizing center” for the spindle fibers

[f*] Good!

[l] Chromosome

[fx] No. The chromosome is two strands of DNA held together at their centers by the “centromere”

[f*] Correct!

[l] Nuclear membrane

[fx] No. The nuclear membrane disappears during cell division

[f*] Good!

[l] Spindle fibers

[fx] No. The spindle fibers pull the chromosomes to each side of the dividing cell

[f*] Very good!

[q] To what structure in this eukaryote cell is the number 2 pointing?

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[x] [restart]



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[h] Sample: Language flashcards

[q]Make a first conditional: It’s possible I won’t be too tired and then I’ll see you at John’s later.

If I’m not too tired, I’ll see you at John’s later.

[q]Make a second conditional: I’m not a politician and so I won’t change things.

If I was a politician, I’d change things.

[x] [restart]


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New, February 2023.  Automatic student registration via WordPress “user role.”  See Progress recording, section 5, “Automatic registration/login,” or, in WordPress, go to Dashboard > Settings > Qwizcards.

New, December 2022.  Bonus widget: pop-up periodic tableMore info.  Also: flashcards option to randomize whether the front or the back of each card is shown first.

Also be sure to note: “tiled” flashcards  (see Matching game flashcards)  and “hangman labeled diagrams” (pop-up example)More info.

Note on WordPress “Block Editor” (Gutenberg):  To create a new quiz or flashcard deck with the Qwizcards Wizard, start a Classic paragraph or block (type /classic and click on “Classic Paragraph”:

It should then look something like this:

Click the icon.  (You may first have to click the “Toolbar Toggle” icon — the Q icon is in the second row.)

Demos: using the WordPress Block Editor to create a flashcard deck and save it as a dataset, and to use the dataset in a different flashcard deck.


Qwizcards has a number of options for interactive images.  You can define active areas of an image with hover and/or click responses.  This first example is “info only” – it shows additional info when you hover on a hotspot area.  Give it a try!


[h] Yosemite Valley info – hover on points of interest

[q hotspot_user_interaction=”info_only” hotspot_labels_stick=”hover_show”]